...turns your Motorola "MC micro" into a fully-fledged amateur radio transceiver.

CPU Modboard "MCmega"

MCmega Prototype
MCmega PCB with JTAG cable

The MCmega board replaces the HD63A01 CPU used in the MC micro model EZA9 (Command Board GLN6628B, GLN6984A) with an ATMega64. The features are equivalent to those of the MC70 software.

Instead of only 8 or 32 preprogrammable frequencies and settings (as provided by the original software), this modification brings

  • Direct frequency input
    (via 'digit-editor' on devices without numerical keypad)
  • Adjustable tx-shift
  • 25 memory channels (programmable via the control head)
  • Switchable output-power (2 levels)
  • 1750 Hz repeater tone
  • DTMF
    (currently tx-only, a decoder is under development)
  • Menu-driven user-interface
MCmega board without components