...turns your Motorola "MC micro" into a fully-fledged amateur radio transceiver.

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Included basic information about MCmega modboard.


Description of hardware mods included (Audio DAC & CTCSS).


This page shows how to modify the Motorola MC micro to turn it into a fully-fledged ham-radio transceiver.

The simplest modification comprises the replacement of the memory device (EPROM) which contains the control program of the transceiver. In a second step it is then necessary to realign the RF frontend of the radio to the desired frequency range (430 - 440 MHz or 144 - 146 MHz), if this was not already done before.

After this modification, the radio is ready for FM voice transmission and reception. The feature set can be further enhanced by employing other modifications. For a complete list have a look at the modification matrix.


This page not yet complete. Anyway you should be able to find the basic informations. If you need further guidance in modifying the radio or have any other questions or suggestions, please mail me: mc_70 (at) stus-disco.de.